Shish Kebab

Best Kebabs - Eastcote

176 Field End Road • Eastcote • HA5 1RF [opposite HSBC bank]

Open 7 days - 12 noon until late

Telephone Orders:

020 8966 9950

Best Kebabs Menu


Doner Kebab
 smalllargex large
lamb doner£4.50£5.50£6.50
chicken doner£4.60£5.60£6.60
lamb shish£4.80£6.80£9.00
chicken shish£4.80£6.80£9.00
kofte kebab£4.80£6.80£9.00
mixed doner-£6.80-
any combination of 2-£6.80-
any combination of 3--£9.00
lamb doner meat & chips (no salad)-£5.50-
chicken doner meat & chips (no salad)-£5.60-
salad - £1.00 extra   


Pitta Bread Lamb Wrap
lamb doner wrap£4.50
chicken doner wrap£4.60
lamb shish wrap£4.80
chicken shish wrap£4.80
mixed doner wrap£4.80


Quarter Pound Burger and Chips
quarter pounder burger£2.80
quarter pounder burger with cheese£3.00
half pounder burger£4.20
half pounder burger with cheese£4.50


chicken burger£2.90
chicken fillet burger with salad£3.70
chicken nuggets (6 pieces)£3.00
chicken nuggets (12 pieces)£4.90


veggie burger£3.00
salad in pitta£2.50
falafel in pitta - homemade£4.20
falafel in wrap - homemade£4.20
chips in pitta£2.50
chips in pitta with cheese£3.50
humus in pitta with salad£3.50


small chips£1.50
large chips£2.50
chips with cheese£2.50
pitta bread with humous£2.00
tarama with pitta£2.00
tzatziki with bread£2.00
extra pitta bread£0.40
pot of sauce£0.50


bottle of water£0.80
bottle of drink (1.5L)£2.00